The 2020 election is arguably the most important election ever in the United States. We are bombarded with tweets, lies and partisan politics. It is difficult to navigate truth from fiction and real issues from party lines.  Many disability services and civil rights are under attack.   At the same time, your vote is more important than ever.

Check out our other pages on the 2020 issues (includes questions for candidates) and the 2020 candidates.  Be educated and VOTE!

Did you know?  Candidates’ events should also be accessible.  Our For Candidates page provides guidelines to help political events be accessible.

The 2020 goals of REV UP Massachusetts are to:

  • Register people with disabilities to vote.
  • Encourage and help people with disabilities to vote.
  • Educate people with disabilities on their voting rights, and regarding voting accessibility.
  • Educate people on the candidates.  Publicize debates, and provide information on candidates as appropriate.
  • Educate people on the issues.  Provide information on disability issues as well as  candidate positions.
  • Publicize events in Massachusetts where voters can meet candidates.
  • Improve accessibility to political and voting events.

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2020 Election Calendar

  • Last day to register and change party affiliation before MA Presidential Primary – Wednesday,February 12, 2020
  • MA Presidential Primary – Tuesday, March 3, 2020
  • Last day to register and change party affiliation before State Primary – Wednesday, August 12, 2020
  • MA State Primary – Tuesday, September 1
  • Last day to register and change party affiliation before November election – Wednesday, October 14, 2020
  • State and Presidential Election – Tuesday, November 3, 2020

2020 Presidential Primary Calendar