Bill of Voting Rights

I have the right to take part in civic life.

We are actively fighting for the fair and civic inclusion of people with disabilities in every political, social, and economic front.  REV Up aims to increase the number of people with disabilities who vote. We have what you need to Register to Vote, to get Educated on the issues, and to Vote. We are non-partisan, and invite voters of any party to join our efforts.

Disability issues need your support.  Who you vote for impacts your access to healthcare, education, transportation and the list goes on. We need your vote! Register to vote and sign up with REV UP.  Join our voices as we support disability issues.

REV UPRegister! Educate! Vote! Use your Power!

Help Evaluate Polling Sites in MA

Election Day is November 7. Please help Massachusetts voting be accessible to everyone.

Voters Can Apply for Accessible Electronic Vote by Mail

Massachusetts voters who cannot independently cast a standard print ballot can now request accessible electronic voting accommodations. To access the Accessible Vote by Mail system, you must first submit a complete Accessible Vote by Mail Application online and send it to your local election official

Please visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s webpage for Voters with Disabilities

REV Up Voter Issues Guide

Download your guide from national REV UP – The REV UP Voting Issues Guide – A Tool for Voters and Candidates to Understand Key Issues Impacting People with Disabilities

We all Have a Right to be Engaged

Marlene Sallo, former ED of Disability Law Center, was interviewed by WGBH on election day. Watch the video and read the story at

“Her team’s efforts to ensure that this year’s elections were accessible to all voters began nearly a year ago, when the Disability Law Center started working with state and local officials to ensure that the language used for mail-in voting met the same accessibility standards as those for voting in person. Given health and safety considerations due to the coronavorus pandemic, it became even more important to ensure that all voters could safely cast their ballots, whether at the polls or from home.

“Don’t we all have the right to vote independently and privately?” she said. “Someone with a disability should not have less of a right than someone without a disability.”

Why is the Disability Vote so important?

Watch this 2016 video from the Disability Law Center – Your vote is even more important today.

Join REV UP Massachusetts!

To join REV UP Massachusetts – go to the SIGN UP page. Whether you need to register, are voting for the first time, or want to volunteer with us – please visit the SIGN UP page and stay informed.

Voting is your right and  your responsibility!  Read the Massachusetts Voters’ Bill of Rights.


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Help Evaluate Polling Sites in MA

MA has decent accessibility laws, but right now, it is up to volunteers to ensure our polling sites are accessible ...
Read More about Polling Site Evals

REV UP MA 2023 Disability Voting Webinar

September 20, 2023 Agenda:

Testify for H701 – An Act Enforcing Accessibility for Voters with Disabilities!

REV UP MA and the Disability Law Center are looking for volunteers willing to testify about the importance of polling ...
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