Vote By Mail and Accessible Electronic

Vote by Mail was made a permanent part of Massachusetts elections in the 2022 VOTES Act.


Remember that it can take up to a week for the mail to be delivered in one direction, so it’s best to try to apply at least 2-3 weeks before the election if not sooner.

Apply for the Vote By Mail Ballot

Vote by Mail is detailed on the Secretary of State’s Vote by Mail page.

Apply as early as possible! Give yourself enough time to receive your ballot AND send it back, if you can. Best practice is 2-3 weeks before Election Day.

Registered voters should receive a vote by mail application in the mail. Simply fill it out, and return it in the enclosed envelope.

Applications from the Secretary of State: If you applied to vote by mail for the Primary, and checked off the general election box, then you should be all set. If you did not do either of these things, you will be sent another application to vote by mail. You must be registered to vote in order to request a mail-in-ballot.

Register to vote or check your registration status.

  • State Primary ballot applications must be received by your election office by 5 p.m. August 29
  • State Election ballot applications must be received by your election office by 5 p.m. November 1

Download Application: You can request mail in ballots by downloading an application at Print and send the completed application to the local election official at your city or town hall. Locate your Elections Office.

Telephone: Call 1-800-462-VOTE X 8283

Email: Send an email to (Your email must include an e-signature.)

You may track your ballot. If your application is marked as “Pending,” that means your application has been received and your ballot will be mailed out as soon as it is ready. If the website can’t find a record for you, that may mean that your application hasn’t been received yet and you should call your local election office.

Primary ballot applications: If you’re unenrolled (‘Independent’) OR enrolled in political designations, you are allowed to vote in the primary of your choice (Republican or Democrat). Your ballot choice will not affect your party registration.

Apply for Accessible Electronic Vote by Mail 

Massachusetts voters who cannot independently cast a standard print ballot can now request accessible electronic voting accommodations. To access the Accessible Vote by Mail system, you must submit a complete Accessible Vote by Mail Application to your local election official .   Please visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Voters with Disabilities webpage for more information.

Ballot Application FAQs

Vote By Mail

Receive, fill out, and submit your mail-in ballot: A mail-in ballot will be sent to you at the address where you registered to vote, or a different address of your choosing if you designated it on your application. You will receive your ballot, instructions for voting by mail and completing your ballot, and an envelope pre-addressed with postage guaranteed to send to your local clerk. Follow the instructions carefully, don’t forget to sign the ballot, and be sure to submit your ballot on time. You can mail your ballot using the envelope provided or drop it off in person to your town or city clerk.

Your ballot must be received by 8 PM, when the polls close, on Tuesday, November 3 (election day), whether you drop off your ballot or send it in the mail. Mail it early to ensure it arrives on time. If you mail your ballot, it must be postmarked no later than election day and received by your town or city clerk by 5PM on Friday, November 6. 

Options for Submitting your Vote by Mail Ballot

  • Mailing it back using the envelope provided; or
  • Hand-delivering your ballot to your local election office; or
  • Dropping your ballot off at an early voting location during early voting hours; or
  • Using a ballot drop box provided by your city or town.

Note: Ballots cannot be dropped off at a polling place on Election Day.

Accessible Electronic Vote By Mail

If you are unable to complete a paper ballot, you are entitled to receive access to an accessible electronic vote by mail ballot as an accommodation from the Secretary of the Commonwealth. This electronic ballot can be completed using a computer, phone, or tablet prior to being printed and submitted by mail. See the Application information above.

What is Accessible Electronic Vote by Mail?

  • Accessible Electronic Remote Vote by Mail, essentially an electronic ballot, is an accommodation for voters who are blind or have low vision, mobility/dexterity disabilities, or other disabilities that make it difficult or impossible to effectively complete and cast a standard print ballot. This allows for qualifying voters to mark their ballots independently and privately, then submit their ballot via a secure electronic delivery system.
  • The Accessible Electronic Remote Voting System is compatible with screen readers.
  • For many, having this option has been the first time in their voting history that they have been able to vote independently and privately

General Information on Voting for People with Disabilities

Visit the state webpage Voting for People with Disabilities for information on the state requirements for accessibility at polling locations.

FAQ on Voting by Mail

  • What if I have my ballot in hand, but decide I would rather vote in-person?
    • As long as it has not yet been mailed, you may still vote in-person.
  • What if I lose my ballot?
    • You may request another mail-in ballot, or vote in person.
  • Do i need to bring my own pen?
    • It is safer to bring your own pen, however, there will be pens at the polls. You can use a gel or ball point pen, or a pencil, that writes black or blue.
  • I do not remember if i requested a mail-in ballot for November?
    • Visit Track My Ballot, enter your name and address. You will see a status of Pending (until ballots are mailed out) if your request for a Mail in Ballot has been received.
  • I do not trust the mail and do not feel safe voting in-person. Is there another option?
    • Most, if not all, communities have a town Drop Box where you can submit your ballot. Visit Find My Election Office/Drop Box for a list of every town and its Drop Box location.