Tools for Getting Out the Vote

Your Vote Counts, so Go Out and Vote!

Overview powerpoint by Marlene Sallo, Executive Director of the Disability Law Center

Voter Registration

Download the REV UP brochure (PDF)or a Large Print Brochure (PDF – 11X17 paper) to print.

Download the REV UP Spanish brochure (PDF)or a Large Print Spanish Brochure (PDF – 11X17 paper) to print.

Registration Forms:  You can download and print the 2 sided registration forms at, or pick up a stack from your town clerk.  You can also get Absentee Ballot requests online, or from your town clerk.

Candidate Interactions

Non-Profit Vote conducted a webinar on Candidate Engagement.  You can download the Interacting with Candidates Powerpoint, or watch the webinar on   Non-profits have to stay non-partisan, and this presentation clarifies the rules.

How to Hold an Accessible Event

Here are some checklists and information on how to make a campaign event accessible: