If you have registered to vote, then you have the RIGHT to vote.  There are several mechanisms available in Massachusetts, and everyone has the right to use whichever mechanism they choose. You may vote in person, at the polls, on election day.  The polls are required to be accessible, and to provide accommodations if requested.   For the first time, in November 2016, Massachusetts offered “early voting” in biennial state elections (next in 2018).  And finally, absentee ballots can be filled out ahead of time, at your home, and mailed or brought to your town clerk.

The state website has extensive information on voting at  If you have a problem at the polls, call the State Voter Information Line at 1-800-462-VOTE(8683).

  • My Voter Registration Status – Enter your name, date of birth and zip and this page will return your registration status.
  • Where Do I Vote? will give you the address of your polling location, as well as all of your elected state officials. This page is useful for determining who are your state representative and senator. Shortly before an election,  you can see your (unofficial) ballot choices.
  • ID Requirements has complete information on who needs to bring what identification to the polls.  While most voters in MA are not asked for an ID, you may be asked for identification especially your first time voting in a federal election.
  • Massachusetts Voters’ Bill of Rights –  Your voting rights are protected. These rights are guaranteed to qualified registered voters.
  • Note:  Individuals who are under a guardianship may register to vote and vote unless their guardianship specifically prohibits it.

REV UP is committed to ensuring that everyone who wants to vote has the opportunity. Polling places are required to be accessible. Please contact us if you have questions, are unsure of what to do, or need any help registering or voting.