If I am registered to vote in Massachusetts, I have the right to vote in elections.

  • Even if I have a guardian, I may vote unless a court specifically said I cannot.
  • I have the right to vote by myself or with help.
  • I have the right to be accommodated at all polling places with assistive voting devices.
  • If I need help marking my ballot due to physical disability, inability to read or inability to read English, I may bring anyone I choose into the voting booth with me. Or, I may ask for help from two poll workers (by law, the poll workers assisting you should be of different political parties).
  • If I choose, I may mark my ballot independently with the AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal, which is available in every polling place.
  • The AutoMARK will read the ballot to me and mark the choices that I indicate.
  • If I am waiting in line when the poll closes, I must be allowed to vote.

All polling locations in Massachusetts are required to be accessible. All polling places must provide access on a permanent or temporary basis on Election Day. Voting assistance and absentee voting offer options that persons with disabilities may use to vote, but are not considered substitutes for actual accessibility to the voting location. Accessible voting provides the same opportunity for access and participation to persons with disabilities as for other voters.

If you have any issues on election day, you can call the state at 1-800-462-VOTE (8683).  This number should be posted in all polling places. For state elections and primaries, the number is staffed beginning at 6:30 a.m. and ending when polls close at 8 p.m. If possible, it is best for anyone experiencing a problem voting to call before they even leave the polling place.  The state election officials will contact the necessary people to make sure the issue is resolved as soon as possible.

Link to the state page for voters with disabilities.

Download the ADA Checklist for Polling places