2018 Disability Issues

Candidate Questionnaire

AAPD and the National REV UP campaign has compiled a 2018 Candidate Questionnaire Template.  On our todo list is to simplify and customize this for Massachusetts.  For now, here is the entire list in a docx file:  Candidate Questionnaire Template 2018 (docx).

Legislative Priorities

NCIL (National Council on Independent Living) has compiled a Legislative and Advocacy Priorities Guide for the Summer of 2018.  Since Independent Living is a cross-disability philosophy, this list is comprehensive.  Other groups will have more disability issues.  You can download this pdf:   Legislative and Advocacy Priorities Guide Summer 2018.pdf.

AAPD (American Association of People with Disabilities) has also developed a 2018 REV UP Issues Guide.  You can visit their website and learn more at www.aapd.com/advocacy/voting/rev-up-issues-guide.

Crip the Vote Disability Issues Survey Results

Visit cripthevote.blogspot.com and see what issues are the most important to people with disabilities.

72.56% Defend Social Security and Medicaid / Medicare against political attacks.
56.32% Hire and appoint more disabled people to government and policy-making positions.
50.54% Require disability awareness training for law enforcement.
47.47% Pass the Disability Integration Act to promote independent living instead of nursing homes.
43.68% Strengthen enforcement of accessibility standards.
40.97% Ban or phase out payment of sub-minimum wage.
38.81% Change Social Security to reduce or eliminate work disincentives.
33.21% Strengthen voting rights and accessibility.
32.13% Eliminate use of physical restraint and isolation in public schools.
29.06% Eliminate the Social Security “marriage penalty.”
15.70% Strengthen the rights of parents with disabilities.
11.73% Increase federal share of Special Education costs.
11.55% Strengthen enforcement of “most integrated setting” regulations in Special Education.
10.83% Review and reform guardianship laws relating to people with disabilities.
5.42% Ban or phase out sheltered workshops.