Local Libraries Enthusiastic about NDVRW

MetroWest Center for Independent Living is bringing NVDRA packets to the libraries of as many ofthe 26 towns in our services area as we can.

Monday I brought the packet (see the NVDRA page) for National Disability Voter Registration Week to the Medway Library.  I am well acquainted with the Medway librarians and the library, and the request to post our materials was extremely well received.  (We included 10 each of the brochures, the pledge forms and registration forms.)  And in fact, one librarian thought she may make more copies and bring them with her to other venues!

Tuesday I stopped by Medfield and Millis.  Medfield could not make room on a foyer table quickly enough.  The sign for the library’s hours was moved to the side, and the NDVRA announcement sign was displayed prominently.  At Millis, the librarian needed to speak with her director, but she also was enthused about our initiative!

Sue Rorke