Tool Kit

We have Pledge Cards, brochures, and other helpful items as you work on getting people with disabilities to the polls. Visit the Advocate Resources page for many helpful links.

Pledge Cards are an easy way to engage potential voters. Either ask a voter to fill out the pledge, or assist them with an on-line signup. If using the cards, participating organizations can enter the information into the Signup page. Download the REV UP PLEDGE CARD (PDF landscape) or a LARGE PRINT PLEDGE CARD (PDF) to print.

Brochures supply a subset of the information available online.  After filling out a pledge card, the brochure is valuable information that can go home with a prospective voter.  Download the REV UP brochure (PDF)or a Large Print Brochure (PDF – 11X17 paper) to print.

The REV UP Checklist (PDF)can help you remember what materials to bring.  We also will appreciate your sharing your results with us!  Please send your results to

The Registration Information (PDF) or Large Print Voter Registration Information (PDF) answers the most common registration questions.


FYI:  National toolkit from AAPD