2017 Elections

2017 Elections

While there are no regular state elections,  there are special elections and local elections this fall across the commonwealth.  Even if it’s too late, REGISTER TO VOTE NOW.  Don’t lose your voice in another election!

  • Each of the special elections is listed on the Secretary of State’s website at www.sec.state.ma.us.  Note that each race has a calendar with important dates for that specific election.  The calendars are quite different – probably dependent upon when the incumbent decided to retire.
  • In addition, some towns and cities will be electing local officials.  What this all means is that you may need to check multiple places to determine who is running when in your community!

Here are the steps you can take to learn about your your ballot:
1. Visit the Special Elections page on the state website:
See if your district is listed.  If yes, click on the Election Calendar and note the key dates(not all special elections will be November7).  If you’re unsure of your district – proceed to Step 2.
2.  Visit wheredoivotema.com.  Enter your address, and note your state senate and state rep districts. Match these districts with the Special Elections page. You may see a candidate listed as “vacant”.
3. Visit your town website and/or contact your town clerk.  Each city or town should provide dates and candidates for any upcoming election.

Boston Elections

Visit our Blog News page on Boston.

Framingham Elections

Visit our Blog News page on Framingham for more information.

Mayoral and At-Large Debate in Framingham!
1 p.m. on Saturday, October 28 at the Memorial Building.
Great opportunity for Framingham voters who will have to choose on November 7.