2016 Candidates

Who is on the MA Ballot in 2016?

Visit the MA Secretary of State website for a chart showing which positions will be on the ballot in specific years.  For a list of your specific choices, visit wheredoivotema.com, enter your address, and click on Sample Ballot.

National Positions

  • President and Vice-President
    • Democrat  – Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
    • Repubican – Donald Trump and Mike Pence
    • Libertarian – Gary Johnson and William Weld
    • Green Party – Jill Stein
  • U.S. Representative in Washington – MA elects 9 U.S. Representatives every 2 years.     We Our current U.S. Representatives are listed below.  All 9 have filed for re-election.  Not all representatives have opponents in the November election.
    • 1st District. Richard Neal. Democrat
    • 2nd District. James “Jim” McGovern. Democrat
    • 3rd District. Niki Tsongas. Democrat
    • 4th District. Joseph Kennedy III. Democrat
    • 5th District. Katherine Clark. Democrat
    • 6th District. Seth Moulton. Democrat
    • 7th District. Michael Capuano. Democrat
    • 8th District. Stephen Lynch. Democrat
    • 9th District. William Keating. Democrat

Statewide Positions

No statewide positions are on the 2016 ballot.

Regional Representation

As we approach November, the state usually provides a ballot view for each voter.  We will provide links when these views are avaiable.

  • State Senators – 40 Senators are elected every 2 years.   Visit malegislature.gov for more information.
  • State Representatives – 160 Representatives are elected every 2 years.  Visit malegislature.gov for more information.
  • County Sheriffs  are elected every 6 years (this year). Boston Magazine published an informational article on MA Sheriffs, with links to additional information.
  • Governor’s Council  – 8 Governor’s Council members are elected every 2 years.  Visit  ma.gov for more information.  Arguably, the Governor’s Council’s most important role is in approving the governor’s MA Supreme Court nominations.  REV Up MA does NOT take a partisan position, but we are providing a link to a recent article in the Milford Daily News which illustrates the considerations of the Governor’s Council.