Voter Turnout in 2019

From Non Profit Vote – This report is especially interesting in that it tries to indicate what policies could be driving higher voter participation.  At 17th in the list with 54.6% participation as compared to the highest at 64.2% (Minnesota), Massachusetts has room to improve!

“You likely already know the 2018 Midterms broke all kinds of voter turnout records in an election that has been deemed “historic.” With the release of our 7th biennial “America Goes to the Polls” report – a joint effort with the U.S. Election Project – we dig into that election and reveal the official voter turnout ranking of all 50 states. But ranking the states is only half the story, the other half is identifying the various voter registration and election policies that give some states a big turnout advantage over others.
We examine how policies like Same Day Registration, Vote at Home, and Automatic Voter Registration play a demonstrable role in encouraging voter turnout, especially in the states that ranked in the top 10. We also look at how the more restrictive 4-week registration deadlines depress turnout in the bottom 10 states.

The report is packed with useful information, charts, and graphs that can help you spread the word about your own voter advocacy work or help highlight how your state needs to do more to ensure every eligible citizen has access to the polls. “

Download the report:   Voter Turnout in 2019