Accessibility Feedback from May Forum

I would encourage everybody to get in the habit of using the Automark. They will get used to it. They will test it.  And it is working. And it helps to support universal access. And it helps us to reinforce to them that anybody can use it, and that it needs to be in working condition over the last bunch of elections.
– Stan Eichner, DLC

Comments and Topics from Participants:

  • Create an agenda of change for stakeholders
  • Promote the Automark through advertising
  • Automark should be available anytime voting is happening in state, not just for federal elections
  • Creating events to discuss both access and non-access issues of importance to persons with disabilities
  • Utilize the Ride to get to the polls
  • Importance of data collection, make it aware that PWDs are a voting bloc
  • Motivating PWD to actually show up to vote – connecting to the actual political issues affecting daily lives (partisan, which REV Up can’t do)
  • Should make clear on absentee ballot what the deadline is to mail it back
  • Rhoda Gibson from ADAPT – concerns on reaching out to POC, AA communities
  • Need education for school-age kids with disabilities
  • Privacy issues while voting
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Registering people to vote at ADA events
  • Parking issues/van accessibility
  • Use of absentee ballots in nursing homes