National Organizing Call Recap

REV UP National Organizing Call Recap
Preparing for National Disability Voter Registration Week 2017

“…on June 9, the REV UP Campaign hosted a National Organizing Call to prepare for National Disability Voter Registration Week (NDVRW) 2017. NDVRW is an annual effort to get more people with disabilities registered to vote while making the media and political candidates aware of the disability community as a powerful voting bloc. In 2016, according to Rutgers University, people with disabilities and their families (within the same household) accounted for 25% of the total electorate (62.7 million eligible voters).

During the call, we discussed the REV UP Campaign’s purpose as well as our state disability voting coalition strategy. We also reviewed our partnership with EveryLibrary and public libraries around the country, general voter registration strategies, and examples of NDVRW activities from current REV UP state partners.” has provided a recap of the call.  One interesting piece is a partnership with EveryLibrary.