Support for National Disability Voter Registration Week from Dole and Harkness!

Retired Senators Bob Dole and Tom Harkness support National Disability Voter Registration Week.   Download the pdf letter, or scroll below for more insights into the importance of the disability vote.

“We are pleased to see the disability community become more involved in electoral politics. Our years of experience in congress taught us that bipartisan coordinated, grassroots, political organizing at local, state and national levels is critical to developing strong disability policy.

The disability vote can be a powerful mechanism to encourage candidates to take positions on disability issues that will promote the community integration vision in the Americans with Disabilities Act that will fulfill the four goals of the ADA: full participation, equal opportunity, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency.

We support your strategy to register people with disabilities and their supporters, educate the disability community on the issues and, most importantly, get out the disability vote (GOTDV).

We support National Disability Voter Registration Week, July 11 – 15 as a milestone in your campaign to be influential in electoral politics.

Senator Tom Harkin (Retired) Senator Bob Dole (Retired)