20 Day Registration Upheld

July 2, 2018

Massachusetts requires voters to be registered 20 days before primary and state/national elections.  At least 15 states have same day registration.  The ACLU sued the state, but the state Supreme Court upheld the 20 day restriction.  The legislature could change this by passing a law that allows same day registration.

For our upcoming elections, this means that you must be registered by Wednesday, August 15 for the September 4 primary, and by Wednesday, October 17 for the November 6 election. 

You can read an article by Nate Raymond (Reuters) about this case in the Huffington Post.  …”The ACLU contended the 20-day restriction disenfranchises thousands of otherwise qualified voters. According to a brief the state filed, 34 states have deadlines requiring voters to register seven to 30 days before elections.”