Bill of Voting Rights

I have the right to take part in civic life.

People with disabilities are under-represented at the polls. REV Up aims to increase the number of people with disabilities who vote. We have what you need to Register to Vote, to get Educated on the issues, and to Vote. We are non-partisan, and invite voters of any party to join our efforts.

The State and National Election is Tuesday, November 8.

EARLY VOTING  has begun.  If you are interested in Early Voting, visit the state website at 
to locate your Early Voting polling location and hours.

Report Early Voting accessibility issues to the Disability Law Center at (800) 872-9992 or (617) 723-8455

People taking the pledge at ADA 2016 Celebration in Boston REV UP on the road! People taking the pledge at ADA 2016 Celebration in Boston

To join REV UP Massachusetts – simply go to the Sign Up page,  sign up and Pledge to Vote in November.  Whether you need to register, are voting for the first time, or want to volunteer with us – please visit the SIGN UP page and join us!

Voting is your right and  your responsibility!

Picture of button saying Register to Vote and link to Voter Registration web page picture of voters using automark and link to education web page picture saying Your Vote Counts and link to Vote web page
Register! Educate! Vote!
Use Your Power!