Bill of Voting Rights

I have the right to take part in civic life.

We are actively fighting for the fair and civic inclusion of people with disabilities in every political, social, and economic front.  REV Up aims to increase the number of people with disabilities who vote. We have what you need to Register to Vote, to get Educated on the issues, and to Vote. We are non-partisan, and invite voters of any party to join our efforts.

Disability issues need your support.  Who you vote for impacts your access to healthcare, education, transportation and the list goes on. We need your vote! Register to vote and sign up with REV UP.  Join our voices as we support disability issues.

REV UP MA Conference

REV UP Massachusetts will hold a conference on the importance of disability advocacy during this year’s Presidential Race and how we can all work to Get Out The Vote on Friday, September 11, 2020 from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30.  Register at

2020 Census

If you have not already filled out the census – online, over the phone, or by mail – you must do so by September 30th for your household to be counted. Visit our 2020 Census Page for more information.

Why is the Disability Vote so important?

Watch this 2016 video from the Disability Law Center – Your vote is even more important today.

Vote By Mail

Massachusetts Legislators have passed a bill to support Vote By Mail for the September 1 primary and the November 3 election.  Visit our new VOTE BY MAIL page for more information.

2020 Census

Did you know that 2020 is a Census Year?  Learn more about the Census, and why it is so important for EVERYONE to be counted!

Join REV UP Massachusetts!

To join REV UP Massachusetts – simply go to the SIGN UP page,  sign up and Pledge to Vote in November.  Whether you need to register, are voting for the first time, or want to volunteer with us – please visit the SIGN UP page and join us!

Voting is your right and  your responsibility!  For a full list of the Massachusetts Voters’ Bill of Rights, visit

Register! Educate! Vote!
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Use Your Power!